A Contractor’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation

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Contractor’s Responsibilities Under Florida Workers’ Compensation Law

For the benefit of our policyholders in the construction industry, we have shared a document that summarizes contractors’ responsibilities under the Florida workers’ compensation law.

Topics include:

  • What kinds of businesses are classified as “construction”?
  • What are the workers’ comp requirements for a business in the construction industry?
  • What’s an exemption and how does it work?
  • How can I obtain workers’ compensation or an exemption?
  • What if I hire a sub-contractor?
  • How do I make sure the sub I hire has a valid workers’ comp policy or a valid exemption from workers’ comp?
  • Why it is important that I file my company’s Annual Report with the State of Florida every year?
  • What are the requirement for out-of-state construction businesses doing work in Florida?

You can check out the document by clicking this link.

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