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Caton-Hosey’s Roots in Port Orange Date Back to 1948

The partnership of Caton and Hosey has been tremendous for over 30 years. Below is the history of Caton-Hosey Insurance from our start back in 1948 to the present.

1990-PRESENT: Becoming Caton-Hosey Insurance

Present day, Rex Caton, John Hosey and the entire team look forward to many more years of supporting our local community in Port Orange, the great Daytona Beach area and our customers across the state.

In 2024, Caton-Hosey Insurance became part of Brown & Brown, expanding the resources and opportunities for us to continue helping our customers with customized risk management and insurance solutions.

In 1994, John Hosey joined the agency, adding growth and acquiring ownership. The agency was renamed Caton-Hosey Insurance; Rex moved into the CEO role and John became the President, roles in which they serve to this day.

In 1990, Rex Caton acquired ownership and became President.

John Hosey and Rex Caton
John Hosey and Rex Caton
Caton-Hosey Insurance

1959-1989: Growing a Family Business

In 1986, Caton Insurance Agency continued its success as Richard’s son, Rex Caton, joined the agency after college and become a CPCU, CLU, CIC.

In 1980, the current office on Nova Road in Port Orange was built. Since then, it has seen a number of upgrades and expansions over the years as we grew with the community. 30 years later, our “home” was starting to show it’s first signs of aging… many of us can relate! So, we set to work getting Caton-Hosey Insurance ready for the next 66 years of service to our customers.

In 1959, Frank retired and D.S. passed away, leaving the future of the business to his son Richard Caton, who continued the growth and expanded to a new building at our current location.

1948-1958: Founding a Family Business

In 1952, Frank’s brother, D.S. Caton, joined the Caton Insurance Agency.

In 1948, It started with our founder, Frank H. Caton, who was in the life insurance business for many years. His commitment to the community drove him to serve in the Army in World War I and the Navy in World War II. After the war, Frank became the state commander of the American Legion of Florida. His influence through the American Legion put him in a position to support legislation creating a government agency to keep our state highways secure. The first policy written by the Caton Insurance Agency was an insurance policy on all patrol vehicles for the new Florida Highway Patrol.

Richard Caton, John Hosey and Rex Caton
Richard Caton, John Hosey, and Rex Caton
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