Animal Liability: Do You Have It?

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Animal Insurance Coverage

Does your home insurance policy include Animal Liability coverage? Chances are you do not currently carry this valuable coverage. Three weeks ago, I didn’t give a thought to Animal Liability coverage because I didn’t have an animal in my home, but a lot has changed in three weeks. Three weeks ago, we rescued an eight-week old beagle pup. Wow, has life changed. My home has gone backward in time to when I had my daughter, toys everywhere, rugs all rolled away, gates up by the stairs and in the kitchen. My home has become an obstacle course for me, my family and all of the friends and family members that have come over to visit our newest little family member. My friends have brought their dogs over too, and now my house feels like a dog park. 

Even walking my dog has become a whole new experience. As I walk around the neighborhood I have lived in for twelve years, I am meeting all sorts of new neighbors and their dogs. Animals bring people together in a beautiful way. As our dogs meet for the first time, we hope for the best but can’t be sure how our pups will respond to each other.

In all of this new excitement, I haven’t given much thought to any Animal Liability included in my insurance, until recently. With so many people coming for visits and so much activity with my own pup, I am realizing accidents can happen, and not just the quick wipe up kind of accidents.
I am finding out that Animal Liability coverage is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner. Most insurance companies limit or exclude coverage for injury from your pet. This includes, but is not limited to, your dog biting someone or another dog, jumping up on a person and causing injury, or as simple as someone tripping over your dog and injuries occur.

At Caton Hosey Insurance, we are happy to quote adding this coverage to your home insurance policy and discussing any limitations your policy may have regarding your pets. After all, our pets are a part of our family, and we are responsible for what they do as well. Call today and “Just Ask” about Animal Liability coverage.

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