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Hurricane Information for You, Your Family and Your Home

Home Insurance Policy

In this week’s Ask An Agent blog post series, we discuss Home Insurance in Florida. Florida is the most expensive state for homeowner’s insurance, and it is essential that customers have a clear understanding of what is and what is not covered in this type of policy.

Question: What do I need to know about obtaining Home Insurance in Florida?

Answer: When obtaining home insurance in Florida, my recommendation is to pay close attention to the following details.

  1. Carrier longevity – It’s essential to know the longevity the carrier has in FL, as this could be a good indication of claims experience and efficiency.
  2. Possible hurricane exclusions – Not all policies are the same, and each carrier has different guidelines as to what structures (attached and detached) may or may not be covered for hurricane damage. Some examples are solar panels, screen enclosures, and fences. Confirm with your agent the specific coverage your carrier offers
  3. Deductible options – Each carrier offers different deductible combinations/options, and the preference will vary for each policyholder, as we all have different financial situations.

To discuss this type of insurance in more detail specific to your needs, please call one of our agents. You can also request a quote from our website.

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