Awesome Customer Review for Gloria Quigley

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Caton Hosey Customer Review

Smiley face graphicA very nice postcard arrived today from a client regarding our Benefits department superstar, Gloria Quigley:

“Dear Gloria,

Hi! Just wanted to send you this card to update you on how my wife & I made out with our health care coverage and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help.

We got the (carrier) Silver plan for $(premium) a month + also (carriers)’s dental preventative plan for another $(premium) a month. Thisis a godsend for us…

So, thank God for Obamacare and thank God for you! Keep on trucking, kind woman. Can’t thank you enough for being so nice!!

You are like a saint, in my humble opinion, who helped us immensely in our time of need. May God bless you!


P.S. Kudos to Caton Hosey for letting you do this :)”

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