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Increase Investor and Supplier Confidence

Bond insurance protects against losses caused by the default of a bond issuer. It helps guarantee that bondholders will receive the full principal and interest payments promised by the issuer, even if the issuer is unable to make the payments. Bond insurance can be purchased by both individual and institutional investors and can be used to reduce the risk of investing in bonds. One way to help gather confidence in completed commercial projects, or the viability of a servicer or supplier, is to establish a bond.

Florida law requires the purchase of a surety or performance bond to conduct a variety of transactions, such as guaranteeing the payment of contract workers.

Surety Bonds & Performance Bonds

Caton Hosey Insurance can help you safeguard your business or proposal. Our experience spans public sector surety bonds for public officials and projects, along with traditional fidelity bonds. These bonds can help protect you or your clients from violations of laws and regulations, breaches of fiduciary, or insolvency.

The Tools to Help Move Your Project Forward

If your project requires a bond, call our agents at Caton Hosey today: 800-767-3161.

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