Business Umbrella Insurance

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Why Businesses Need Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage beyond the limits of existing policies. This includes general liability, auto liability, and other coverage. It covers a wide range of potential liability claims, including those for personal injury, property damage, libel, slander, and false advertising. It is often used by businesses that have large or complex risks, or those facing major exposures to financial losses.

Umbrella insurance from Caton Hosey provides overall coverage for unanticipated areas where businesses might find themselves in a lawsuit. This special coverage extends beyond the scope and limitations of ordinary insurance policies, such as car insurance or homeowners insurance. When regular policy limits are reached, umbrella coverage kicks in with a coordinated benefit.

Obtain Umbrella Coverage

If your business is on the fence about insurance coverage, get help to weigh the options. Umbrella insurance covers property damage, bodily injury, and other liabilities that fall outside the scope of normal coverage. It covers what we can’t always anticipate, and is one of the most important coverages you can purchase for your business. Call us today at 800-767-3161 to learn more about umbrella coverage and how it can help protect a business’s overall financial well-being.

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