Commercial Auto and Truck Coverage

Your business is on the move

Whether your business utilizes an employee’s car part-time for sales or manages a fleet of road-going trucks, you need commercial auto insurance.


Protecting the driver, the vehicle, and the business

Commercial automotive insurance protects not just the driver and vehicle, but also the business, pedestrians, and other motorists. The specific use of your commercial vehicles is important when determining the right policy type and coverage limits. Regular personal car insurance is often not sufficient enough to cover a potential financial loss when a vehicle is used commercially.


Reduce your risk with commercial vehicle insurance

We serve the commercial auto and truck insurance needs of the Greater Daytona Beach area, with access to multiple carriers to get you the best possible quote.

Call Caton Hosey Insurance today at 800-767-3161 so we can ask the right questions to make sure you qualify for all applicable discounts.

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