Disability Insurance

What’s your most valuable asset?

Most people say that their most valuable asset is their home or 401(k). Others say that it’s their business, investment accounts, a piece of art, or a collector car. The fact is, people are able to obtain all of these valuables through their work. If things take another turn and you can’t work, you have to think about the value of your work between now and your retirement.

Losing your ability to work is a game-changer

For just about everyone, the most valuable asset they have is their ability to work. If some type of injury or disability occurs, the game changes. Most of us understand the value of carrying life insurance– however, you are significantly more likely to become injured than to die before the age of 65.

Protect yourself from this significant risk with disability insurance

There are many different types of disability insurance; in fact, no two policies are alike. Depending on your occupation, you may need to deal with a particular set of carriers. For instance, there is coverage that will still pay even if you work in another occupation besides your own.

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