Group Life Insurance

Offer Your Employees Peace of Mind

People are living longer, but it is no less important to protect your family and loved ones in the event that the worst happens. Our team of employee benefits agents can help you offer your employees a chance to gain peace of mind through a company-sponsored life insurance policy.

Once we determine the proper amount of coverage, we can help you make a decision on what type of insurance best fits your employees’ needs and your budget, along with finding a carrier with a strong financial history.

Term Life Insurance

Term life comes in many different forms and protects you for a set term of time. The coverage can be flat, meaning the same benefit and premium every year, or it can be decreasing, which is when the benefit decreases over time, like in mortgage insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life provides a death benefit until the holder dies at any age. This type of coverage typically costs more but offers guarantees, cash-value, or an amount of money you can trade in the policy for at any time. As you pay into the policy, the cash value increases often and you may even be able to stop making premium payments in the future.

Variable Life Insurance

This is a type of cash-value coverage where your premium payments are invested in sub-accounts, very similar to mutual funds. This lets you participate in the market in a way that can alter your premium payments.

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