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File A Claim With Your Insurance Company

Find your insurance company list below (in alphabetical order) and click on the Claims Page link to be taken to their website to file a claim directly. Or, you can call their toll-free number for more information on the claims process.

AAA Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-289-1325

Allied Insurance Company logo

Allied Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-282-1446

Logo Placeholder image

American Bankers
Claims #: 1-800-245-1505

American Integrity Insurance Group logo

American Integrity
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-277-9871

American Strategic Claims logo

American Strategic
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-274-5677

Logo Placeholder image

American Traditions
Claims #: 1-866-270-8430

Logo Placeholder image

Claims #: 1-800-256-3462

AmTrust Partner Company logo

AmTrust Financial
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-888-239-3909

Logo Placeholder image

Assurant Flood
Claims #: 1-800-358-0600

Auto-Owners Insurance Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-437-6161

Bankers Insurance Group logo

Bankers Ins. Group
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-541-1419

Berkshire Hathaway Partner Company logo

Berkshire Hathaway
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-888-NEW-CLMS

Builders Insurance Group Partner Company logo

Builders Insurance Group
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-809-4862

Builders Mutual Partner Company logo

Builders Mutual
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-888-639-2567

Logo Placeholder image

Claims #: 1-866-896-7233

Chubb Insurance Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-336-0627

Citizens Insurance Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-877-560-5224

Cypress Insurance Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-411-2742

Logo Placeholder image

Fed Nat / Monarch
Claims #: 1-800-293-2532

Florida Family Insurance Company logo

Florida Family
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-888-486-4663

Florida Home Builders Partner Company logo

Florida Home Builders
Email Claims
Claims #: 1-866-610-1156

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company logo

Florida Peninsula / Edison
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-549-9672

Foremost Insurance Group logo

Foremost Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-527-3907

Frontline Insurance Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-673-0623

Gulfstream Insurance Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-485-3005

Hagerty Insurance Company logo

Hagerty Specialty
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-385-0274

Logo Placeholder image

Claims #: 1-855-415-7120

Homeowners Choice Partner Company logo

Homeowners Choice
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-324-3138

J.C. Taylor Insurance Company logo

J.C. Taylor Antique
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-877-468-7637

Liberty Mutual Partner Company logo

Liberty Mutual
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-225-2467

Mercury Insurance Group logo

Mercury Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-503-3724

National General Insurance Company logo

National General
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-325-1088

Nationwide Partner Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-421-3535

Logo Placeholder image

Claims #: 1-866-281-2242

People's Trust Insurance Company logo

People’s Trust
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-877-333-1230

Philadelphia Insurance Partner Company logo

Philadelphia Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-765-9749

Progressive Auto Insurance Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-776-4737

Safeco Insurance Company logo

Safeco Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-332-3226

Logo Placeholder image

Claims #: 1-855-CLAIM15

Sawgrass Mutual Insurance Company logo

Sawgrass Mutual
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-877-853-4430

Seacoast Insurance Company logo

Claims Page
Claims #: 1-877-581-4862

Security First Insurance Company logo

Security First
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-877-581-4862

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company logo

Southern Fidelity
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-874-7342

Logo Placeholder image

Southern Oak
Claims #: 1-877-900-2280

St Johns Insurance Company logo

St. John’s Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-877-748-2059

Tower Hill Insurance Company logo

Tower Hill
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-342-3407

Travelers Insurance Company logo

Traveler’s Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-252-4633

Logo Placeholder image

United P&C / UPC
Claims #: 1-888-256-3378

Universal Property And Casualty Insurance Company logo

Universal P+C
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-800-425-9113

Vertus Insurance Partner Company logo

Vertus Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-844-573-9922

Westfield Partner Company logo

Westfield Insurance
Claims Page
Claims #: 1-866-937-2663

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