Health Insurance Calculator

Calculate Your Health Insurance Premiums and Subsidies

The below Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator is free to use and brought to you by the Kaiser Family Foundation. You can use this helpful tool to estimate your health insurance premiums and your subsidies for coverage through marketplaces.

Enter your household information below, click submit and the system will generate an estimated monthly health insurance cost. You will also see your eligibility for subsidies along with how much you could pay for health insurance with the financial help. In addition, this tool can estimate your eligibility for Medicaid. NOTE: As eligibility requirements may vary state by state, please contact your state’s Medicaid office or Marketplace with your enrollment questions.

This health insurance marketplace calculator is updated annually. It also includes the subsidy changes in the American Rescue Plan Act (COVID-19 relief).

This Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator is provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
You can visit them at

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