Ask an Agent: How Do I Reduce My Hurricane and Wind Deductible?

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Hurricane Insurance Information for You and Your Home

Hurricane Wind Deductible

In this week’s Ask An Agent blog post series, we discuss reducing your Hurricane and Wind Deductible in Florida. Florida is the most expensive state for homeowner’s insurance, so it is essential that customers understand this.

Question: Is there anything I can do to reduce the huge deductible I have for Hurricane and Wind coverage?

Answer: This is a question our agents get asked a lot during the hurricane season which runs from June 1 – November 1. Some options are available that can reduce the deductible, and all three are a great choice to off-set this considerable expense.

Here are your three choices:

  1. Many carriers are now offering lower deductibles for hurricane coverage ($500, $1000 or 1%) and the premium for this option will not break the bank.
  2. Carriers have a “disappearing Hurricane deductible” which lowers your deductible by 20% each year that you do not file an all other peril claim and by year six, you would have $0 hurricane deductible.
  3. Purchasing a hurricane deductible buy-back policy is another option to help reduce financial burden. This policy repurchases your deductible to $0.

Preparing for a Hurricane

For information on how to prepare for a hurricane complete with preparedness checklists see our article Preparing for Hurricane and Hurricane Preparedness Checklists.

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