How to Prepare your Home When You Leave for Vacation this Summer

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Leaving your home unattended can be somewhat worrisome and often create stress when you should be relaxing. To help lower your stress so you can enjoy your well-earned vacation time, we at Caton Hosey Insurance have compiled a to-do list for getting your home ready for your trip away.

Ask Your Neighbors to help.

Inform your neighbors of the exact dates you will be gone on vacation and ask them to watch for suspicious activity around your home. Give them a key to your home so they can go inside if necessary and have the neighbor grab your mail while you’re on vacation. Ask your neighbor to take out your trash too, so you do not have smelly garbage waiting for you on your return home.

Keep the Lights ON

Give the illusion that you are home by investing in automatic times for the various lights in your house, inside and out as well as for your television. These automatic lights will give the illusion that you are home.

Run the AC

Keep the air conditioner on but adjust the thermostat, so it runs less often and saves energy. You think turning the AC off while you are gone will save electricity. However, trying to cool your home later, means the AC will have to run for longer before cycling off, and this can mean significant energy consumption.

Keep up with the Yard

If you will be gone long enough that your yard will need maintenance, make sure you schedule this before you leave for vacation. Nothing says you are gone like an ill-looking yard. Lock the garage door. If the door has an automatic opening device, unplug it.

Keep MUM on Social Media

I know everyone loves to check in and post fabulous photos of their vacation in real time, but criminals see these posts too and may figure out what home is empty while you are out having fun. Keep your vacation off social media until you return to keep your home off the criminals’ mind.

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