Employment Practice Liability InsuranceEmployment Practice Liability Insurance

If you have employees, you immediately have a certain amount of risk.  You work hard to provide the best possible opportunities for your employee.  Although you struggle to provide the best possible work environment, it is common for employees to feel mistreated or betrayed somewhere along the way. 

EPLIWhen this happens, many times a lawsuit will follow.  Lawsuit abuse against employers is rampant, and its more critical now then ever for responsible managers to obtain Employment Practices Liability Insurance, or EPLI, from Caton Hosey Insurance of Port Orange, FL. 

EPLI can cover all aspects of your employee/employer relationship, from prospective employees to previous ones. Common causes for lawsuits include wrongful termination, sexual harassment, promotion overlooking, wrongful termination and many others.  Building a business isn't easy.  Protect what you have worked hard to build with Employee Practices Liability Insurance through Caton Hosey Insurance.  Our Agents are standing by to offer you a free quote with no obligation.

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