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Why Do I Need Umbrella Coverage?

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Why would you pay more for an additional insurance policy? To answer that you need to ask yourself a couple questions:

If I were sued would my existing personal insurance policies provide me with adequate protection?

Typically auto, homeowner, and other property insurance liability are often inadequate to cover the large court judgments frequently awarded. And these days, anyone can be sued for just about any reason, regardless of income.

What happens if I were responsible for an accident and the liability costs exceed the limits of my existing auto or homeowners insurance policy?

This means you must come up with the rest of the money yourself. It could be in the form of a lien on your home, the loss of other assets, or even garnished wages. As liability and lawsuit costs rise, standard policy limits will be less likely to cover it all.

Fortunately, there’s a low-cost solution: Umbrella Insurance. This additional coverage adds to your existing limits and helps to keep your assets out of others’ hands. Below is a brief summery of what umbrella insurance does for you.

Umbrella Insurance at a Glance

An umbrella policy helps with financial protection beyond what your auto or homeowners policy includes. These policies are usually good for around the $300,000 mark for most people in Florida. Umbrella insurance offers millions of dollars in coverage to help safeguard your assets if you are held liable in certain situations, such as:

  • an injury on your property
  • an injury involving your auto or boat
  • libel, slander, defamation of character, or invasion of privacy

Did you know an umbrella insurance policy is relatively inexpensive?
Yes it is, and that is why Caton Hosey wants to make sure you know about this valuable protection available to you. For a nominal amount, you can add one million dollars to your existing coverage limits. For a few dollars more, you can up the coverage to $5 million.

Learn more about this additional coverage for yourself:
Visit our Personal Umbrella Insurance page.

If you need added protection for your business:
Visit our Commercial Umbrella Insurance page.

Your licensed insurance agent can help further explain and find the additional coverage where liability costs could exceed the limits of a home or auto policy. Give us a call or email us today about your umbrella coverage. We will offer a no-obligation umbrella insurance quote specific to you and/or your business. As your insurance agency, we are here to help you find coverages that helps protect you, your family and your assets.

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