Number 1 Reason We Want Our Customers to Consider Going Paperless

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Going paperless will ensure your payments are received on time!

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Change is inevitable for us all, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Recently, we have discovered that we CAN change even when we don’t want to because we HAVE to change. Going paperless isn’t exactly a new thing. We have been hearing about it for some time now. But many of us have been digging our heels in and choosing to just not do it. We like the old way; we feel safe with real paper in our hands. We feel safe knowing that our hands have touched the things that are important to us. Others of us feel fearful that our information will be on-line, and other people can access it. Regardless, we all must face the fact that even though WE may not do things on-line, most businesses do. The vast majority of businesses all use online databases to store all their documents. The databases are usually accessed online so they can view them from anywhere in the world. Your documents are on the web whether you are or not. So why should you transition to paperless NOW? Why does Caton Hosey Insurance want you to go paperless?

We already know it is better for the environment. So, I won’t stand on a soapbox right now. That is what social media posts are for anyways. I’m just here to let you know one simple reason to go paperless.

It’s better for you. But why you ask? What has forced many of us to make changes in the past few years?…… COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the impact of this global pandemic has had a traumatic effect on the US Postal Service. With an unprecedented volume of mail and with limited employees, the postal service has suffered. You can’t deliver the mail from your home. Our postal workers have to physically be at their jobs. Consequently, mail deliveries have suffered. When mail suffers the important things we place in the mail can suffer too, specifically payments.

We have personally experienced the stress of our customers who sent a payment in the mail in plenty of time to have it not arrive on time or not arrive at all. And what was the consequence? Their policy was canceled for non-payment. Can it be reinstated? Sure, but it can be a hassle. What about those customers who have lenders pay their insurance. Well, lenders use the mail system too, and their checks don’t arrive any faster.

If you don’t want to go completely paperless, consider just making your payments paperless. When you decide to make your payment paperless you have more control of the day your payment is posted. Most carriers will post a payment the day it is processed online. You can make one-time payments or schedule automatic payments for the date that you choose. You can make a payment from anywhere and you will save on postage. All wins!

New things can seem intimidating at times, but we are here to help and we want to help. We want our customers to feel safe and secure knowing their payments are posted on time. Knowing is half the battle. Now you know. Go paperless, it’s better for you.

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