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Coverage for Custom, Classic, Antique and Exotic Cars

Owning an eye-catching classic car or an exotic one is more than an investment. It represents a membership in an exclusive club of “car people” and we know what it means to be one of those. But, when it comes to these unique and rare cars, ordinary auto insurance just won’t do. If you’re a car enthusiast like us, you know these cars aren’t just vehicles – they’re passion projects and dreams. That’s why standard insurance doesn’t cut it. You need custom car insurance as unique as your ride.

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Custom Car Coverage and Options

Custom car insurance is a special policy for expensive classic and exotic vehicles. It includes coverage not available on standard auto insurance policies. Even if you rarely drive your car because it’s vintage or an antique, you need to have it covered by a proper policy. For example, protection items can include:

  • More collision coverage
  • Higher liability limits
  • Increased comprehensive coverage
  • Custom parts
  • Unique modifications
  • Car show & display coverage
  • Roadside assistance, towing & repair services
  • Additional protection options

Specialized Coverage Options of Custom Car Insurance

Custom car insurance offers a range of specialized coverage options. All tailored to the unique needs of modified, classic and exotic vehicles. These options can include:

  1. Agreed Value Coverage

    This coverage is unlike standard auto insurance coverage in a big way. Standard auto policies base the value of your vehicle on depreciation. But, agreed value coverage ensures you receive a predetermined amount in case of a total loss. Even taking into account all those modifications and enhancements you’ve made.

  2. Accessory Coverage

    Custom car insurance can also cover the significant parts and accessories you’ve added. Whether it’s a high-end stereo system, custom rims or aftermarket performance parts. Accessory coverage ensures that you’re protected in case of theft, damage or loss.

  3. Inherent Customization Coverage

    Coverage protects the unique aspects of your custom vehicle that cannot be easily replaced. It includes features like custom paint jobs, body modifications and other personalized enhancements. With inherent customization coverage, you know your one-of-a-kind vehicle will be fully protected.

The specific coverage and limits included in a custom car insurance policy may vary. This depends on the policyholder’s needs and the insurance company. Review your policy with an experienced agent to ensure adequate coverage.

Understanding Your Car's Value

Determining your car’s value isn’t just about what you paid for it. It’s about the sweat and love you put into every custom detail, the rarity of your model, and the performance upgrades that make it one-of-a-kind. Too often, the blue-book value is way off because your car is custom, modified or a classic. These cars are more than just transportation; they are investments, often with values that appreciate over time.

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Insuring Your Car's True Value

An agreed value insurance policy is the only way to go with your custom or exotic car. This means you and the insurer agree on the car’s value upfront and that’s what you’re compensated for in a total loss. No depreciation nonsense to worry about here. Caton Hosey Insurance works with carriers that understand these unique situations. Contact us at 1-800-767-3161 to talk shop about insuring your custom car.

Your Custom Car Insurance Partner

Custom cars are more than just vehicles; they’re a part of who you are. They need insurance that understands and protects their unique value. At Caton Hosey, we can help you choose the right coverage. We take the time to research policies, compare prices and best options. Talk to one of our knowledgeable agents to discuss your custom car insurance. With the right policy, you can drive with peace of mind knowing that your passion is well protected.

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We Shop the Top-Rated Insurers for You!

Not all custom car insurance companies are the same in Florida. At Caton Hosey, you get a local agent with the power to shop most all the top-rated insurers at the same time. We then compare the policies and quotes and present the best ones to you for review. Other insurance agencies can only shop two or three at the most. Not only do we find you a great deal, we can also discuss the different coverage options for your unique needs. Contact us at 1-800-767-3161 and learn how the proper insurance can help save you money.

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Bundling = More Savings

Caton Hosey can help find discounts to keep insurance for your custom car within budget. There are discounts based on partial usage, limited mileage and more. Consider adding an alarm system to protect against theft and vandalism. Also, think about bundling coverage with your homeowners insurance. By combining them we may be able to help you save even more. We work with many carriers so we can negotiate bundled policies on your behalf.

Get Your Free Custom Car Insurance Quote

Forget about questionable coverage. When it comes to custom or exotic car insurance, don’t take any chances on the road with prized possession. Caton Hosey in Port Orange is one of central Florida’s custom and exotic insurance agencies. At Caton Hosey Insurance, a knowledgeable, licensed agent is ready to help you. Contact us to get a free quote or schedule a time to come in and speak with us about insuring your vehicle.

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FAQs on Custom Car Insurance

Got questions on custom car insurance? We’ve got answers. Here are some common ones:

Yes, but in a good way if done right. We can help you assess how the modifications add value to your car.

Mainly the illegal modifications like, nitrous oxide, wheel mods, light mods, dark window tint, etc. Ask a knowledge insurance agent for more info.

Absolutely. Restoring a car is a labor of love, and it deserves protection at every stage.

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