Custom Exotic Car Insurance

Sometimes Ordinary Car Insurance Just Won’t Do

Owning a collector car or an exotic one is more than just an investment. It represents membership in an exclusive club of “car people,” and we know what it means to be one of those. Even if you rarely drive your car, you need to have it covered by the best possible policy.


Better Than Blue Book Value

Too often, the blue-book value of your car just won’t cut it, whether it’s custom, antique, exotic, or a hot rod. We deal with carriers that understand your unique needs and offer a host of discounts based on partial usage, limited mileage, and bundling with other policies you may already own.


We Can Help You Find the Right Specialty Car Insurance

Fill out the form on the right of your screen or call us today at 1-800-767-3161 to learn more about specialty car insurance from Caton Hosey of Port Orange, FL— Central Florida’s custom and exotic insurance agency.

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