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Flood Insurance Is Not Included in Homeowners Insurance

Flood insurance helps protect in the event of a flood or flooding from within the home. It covers both your home’s structure and your belongings. Flood damage is a great peril to your Florida home. No matter where you are in Florida, your home is only a matter of feet above sea level. Flood damage can be very expensive, with repair costs often running into tens of thousands of dollars.

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

If you are in a flood zone, your lender may require you to purchase flood insurance. If you are in a low-risk area, a flood policy can provide important protection against unforeseen events. If you wait for a bad storm, you’ve waited too long. Don’t take any chances: protect your biggest asset today.

Contact Our Flood Insurance Agent for Help

Contact Caton-Hosey to get in touch for more information about how to insure your home against flood damage. Call us today at 386-767-3161 or fill out our Request A Quote form to be contacted by one of our friendly flood insurance agents.

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