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Insurance Coverage for Your Home

Homeowners insurance is protection for your home in the event of an accident or disaster. It also includes the belongings and persons in the home. With homeowners insurance, getting protection on your largest asset doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. Caton Hosey can help you choose your insurance wisely. The difference between a quality policy and a poor policy can mean the difference between financial health and financial survival. Talk to one of our licensed agents to discuss your homeowners insurance options.

Primary Residence, Rental, Timeshare, and Vacation Coverage

Caton Hosey Insurance is licensed in many states and can service your different properties whether you are at home or on vacation. As a premier specialty agency in Port Orange, we can handle the unique needs of your policy portfolio if you have a second home in Florida. Combine policies to save even more, and learn how identifying the correct coverage could save you a small fortune.

Bundling = More Savings

We have access to multiple insurance carriers and can help you find discounts to keep your home insurance within your budget. Consider alarm systems, bundled coverage with your cars, and flood protection. These options may help you save money.

Shopping for a New Home?

Don’t forget this important step when looking for a new home… Along with neighborhood and square footage, consider the insurance implications of your purchase. Caton Hosey Insurance is here to answer any questions you may have about insurance coverage for your new investment.

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Call us at 1-800-767-3161, come in and speak with one of our friendly homeowners’ insurance agents, or click the button below to get a home quote! We are only a phone call away to discuss Florida home insurance prices and services with you.

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