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Caton Hosey’s New and Improved Image

Customer Waiting Area photoWe’ve been proudly located in Port Orange since 1948. We built our current office in August of 1980 and it has seen a number of upgrades and expansions over the years as we’ve grown with the community. Being in it’s mid-30’s, our home was starting to show it’s first signs of aging… many of us can relate!

We set to work getting Caton Hosey Insurance ready for the next 66 years of service to our clients. We’ve always been committed to utilizing the latest tech to improve our customers’ experience, and this major renovation empowers us to serve you better in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Video Conferencing; We’re saving time & money for our clients with video conferencing available at multiple large monitors and all employee workstations.
  • Open Floor Plan; a bright, friendly atmosphere with plenty of Conference Room photospace to stretch out. Our new glassed-in conference area keeps the open feel without compromising confidentiality.
  • Cloud computing; We’ve utilized tier 1 Rackspace data center hosting to bring additional redundancy, convenience and security to our work station software. This offers more tools to our agents in the field, less hardware onsite and increased security through military-grade firewalls and physical security.
  • Paperless; We’re saving trees with available electronic signature kiosks & tablets, digital policy/certificate delivery & payment options. We’ve reduced our printers from 12 (a few years ago) to only 2, which often sit unused thanks to paper-saving solutions that save time, money and the environment.
  • Comfort; All the modern amenities in our new employee lounge, a spacious client lobby/lounge area and quiet, spacious offices offices for our staff and guests.
  • Classic Design; We haven’t forgotten our past, and it is evident
  • Building Plaque photofrom the dedication plaque near our entrance, to the original 19th century safe many recognize as a fixture of our lobby for decades. It’s been lovingly restored and featured under sconce reminiscent of the post-war period when Caton Insurance first committed itself to providing the best insurance coverage, education and prices available.

Take a look at some of the pictures featured in this post, or better yet come take a look for yourself. After all – we built this for YOU! Caton Hosey Insurance, for all of your personal and business insurance needs since 1948.

Building Entrance photo Building Entrance 2 photo Conference Room 2 photo Welcome Desk photo Front of Building photo Caton Hosey Signage photo Front of Building 2 photo Caton Hosey Insurance Building photo

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